Hemp is the first plant known to be cultivated. In China, a fabric is woven from hemp fibre for cloth in 8000 BC. In 1000 BC Hemp is cultivated in India and in 70 BC it is cultivated in England. Hemp cultivation spreads throughout Europe for paper, sails, ropes, shoes and fishnets and in 1215 the Magna Carta is printed on hemp paper.

Renaissance artists use hemp canvas for their masterpieces (the word ‘canvas’ comes from ‘cannabis’). The Guttenberg Bible is printed on hemp paper in 1456 and in 1492 Columbus outfits his ships with hemp sails and ropes for the journey across the Atlantic to discover America.

Throughout history, hemp has proven to be a vital resource, especially for new immigrants who colonized North America. It was so essential, in fact, that American colonists were required to grow hemp by law. Hemp became legal tender – used to pay taxes and encourage farmers to grow more to ensure America’s independence. Feilds of Hemp were termed ‘Victory Gardens’ during WWII and a ‘Hemp for Victory’ campaign celebrated the vital input of hemp for the military during the war.

Unfortunately, long-term prohibition has caused most people to forget the many industrial uses of  hemp and continue to misidentify it with its cannabis cousin, marijuana.

Since 1992 hemp has been undergoing a revival. In Europe, Canada and most recently the US, legislation has been passed allowing for commercial cultivation of low-THC hemp.

Canadian hemp farmers follow a highly regimented licensing and quality assurance process that is closely monitored by Health Canada to ensure integrity.

The hemp plant is incredibly versatile and has been used throughout the ages for its therapeutic properties in the treatment of inflammation, digestive disorders and rheumatism, just to name a few.

Hemp is steadily gaining popularity as a premium health supplement. It is completely natural. Grown readily with no need for pesticides or herbicides and benefits the soil as well.

Hemp has so many benefits for our animal companions. See why hemp for more information.