Prime Hemp Protein is one of the most easily digestible protein fibres available. Canadian grown, 100% all natural, gluten-free, no sugar and always fresh. Prime Hemp Protein is perfect for developing healthy muscles and tissue with reduced muscle fatigue.

Prime Hemp ADVANCE TOTAL PROTEIN for all ages and stages is packaged in a 10 lb. bag.

Prime Hemp THRIVE 30 PERFORMANCE PROTEIN for the hard-working, competing horse is packaged in a 10lb and a 20lb. bag.

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Prime Hemp Seed Oil represents a single source of all the essential fatty and amino acids that are required for optimal health. Prime Hemp Seed Oil contains 55 percent Linoleic acid (LA), also known as Omega-6 and 18 percent Linolenic acid (LNA), also known as Omega-3, and 10 percent Oleic acid, also known as Omega 9. These fatty acids help to increase energy, promote healing, regulate the immune system and reduce inflammation.

Prime Hemp Seed Oil also contains 4 percent Gamma Linolenic acid which promotes a healthy coat, skin, and hooves, in addition to reducing inflammation.

Prime Hemp Seed Oil is packaged in FDA compliant, UV protected 500ml for dogs and 1L and 4L jugs for horses. Also now available in a 20L pail.

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Warning: These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.  Always check with your veterinarian before use.