XMas Stocking Stuffer – Prime Hemp Seed Oil – 500ml Canine



Special Holiday packaging – the perfect gift for the dog lover in your life!

Prime Hemp Seed Oil represents a single source of all the essential fatty and amino acids that are required for optimal health. Prime Hemp Seed Oil contains 55 percent Linoleic acid (LA), also known as Omega-6 and 18 percent Linolenic acid (LNA), also known as Omega-3, and 10 percent Oleic acid, also known as Omega 9. These fatty acids help to increase energy, promote healing, regulate the immune system and reduce inflammation.

Prime Hemp Seed Oil also contains 4 percent Gamma Linolenic acid which promotes a healthy skin and coat, in addition to reducing inflammation.



Veterinary Health Canada – NN.U4K2

Additional information

Weight .94 lbs


Cold pressed hemp seed oil

For dogs up to 20lbs orally give 1 tsp (once or twice daily).
For dogs 21-50 lbs orally give 2 tsp (once or twice daily).
For dogs over 50 lbs orally give 1 tbsp (once or twice daily).

Customer Reviews

In my opinion hemp oil is one of the most healing remedies available. My animals are all on it and have gone from acting like older animals to acting like young ones. My horse is able to run when as an OTTB she has shot out knees. She could barely walk before… My Australian Shepherd has auto immune disorder and all the prescriptions didn’t help. Hemp oil every day has cured her of the itching, dry skin, scabs, and restlessness. I am so happy I started using hemp on my animals!!

Jaimie M.

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