Prime Recovery Blend



Our Prime Recovery Blend is designed for horses that suffer from aches, pains or inflammation due to injury, arthritis or rheumatism.

The unique combination of Willow, Olive Leaf, and Meadowsweet along with other specialty herbs have anti-inflammatory properties for rheumatic pain , fever and skin and gastric irritation. This blend is ideal for rheumatism, inflammation, fevers, colic, and cramping and contains essential oil and pro-vitamin A. The rich Sulphur component found in this blend has excellent blood cleansing and anti-fungal properties.

Approx. 30 servings


Veterinary Health Canada – NN.B0K9

Cautions: Do not use in pregnant or lactating animals. Do not use in animals receiving other drugs, unless directed by a veterinarian. Not for long term oral use unless directed by a veterinarian. Do not use in animals with gastrointestinal ulceration. Do not use in animals with cardiovascular disease unless directed by a veterinarian. Administer during or after the animal has eaten to reduce incidence of gastrointestinal upset. Do not use in animals with bleeding disorders, diabetes, or gastrointestinal or liver disease, unless directed by a veterinarian. Warnings: Not for use in horses intended for food.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs


PRIME holistic proprietary herbal blend

Administer orally at meal time;
Ponies and horses up to 1100lbs give 40 grams daily. Horses 1100lbs and over give 54 grams daily.

Combining Prime Hemp Protein and Prime Hemp Seed Oil with a Prime Herbal Blend is the ultimate balanced nutritional supplement.

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