Proper nutrition is key to a healthy winter coat
With Fall approaching – cooler weather means thicker coats will be starting to come in.

Your horse’s hair is an important structure involved in thermal regulation, sensory perception, and as a barrier to chemical, physical, and microbial injury to the skin.

The skin is the structure containing the hair follicles and is actually considered a body organ. A horse’s skin thickness varies from roughly 1.5 to 4.5 millimeters, depending on anatomical location. The horse’s thinnest skin is located in the external inguinal canal (i.e., the area around the sheath or udders) and parts of the face, while the thickest skin is on the back of the pasterns and lower back.
Along with the hair follicles, the skin contains millions of sensory nerve cells and sweat glands, and given its huge surface area (approximately 7,750 square inches for a 1,000-pound horse), it plays an important role in controlling body temperature (thermoregulation).

The skin is also the primary barrier between the outside world and the internal structures of the body, and it provides protection from dehydration and infection.

A horse’s hair coat changes with the seasons; therefore, the ability of the hair coat to regulate body temperature is related to its length, thickness, and density per square inch of surface area of skin. One major factor in the hair’s ability to serve in thermoregulation is the ability of a small muscle associated with every hair follicle under control of the nervous system to pull the hairs to a standing “puffed-up” position (piloerection). The physiological process of piloerection increases the insulating factor of the hair coat by increasing the air content within the hair coat and therefore the skin and the environment.

Horse hair is composed mainly of protein and requires energy to be manufactured by the body. Proper nutrition is key to a healthy winter coat.
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