How much sleep does your horse need?

Horses can and do sleep standing up, but at some point all horses must lie down to achieve a full sleep cycle and avoid sleep deprivation. In horses managed in herd situations, a variety of factors impact which horses lie down and for how long, potentially limiting the availability of the much-needed rest.

• Approximately 5-7 hours of each day is committed to resting behaviour, with actual sleep usually occurring after midnight in the dark hours;
• Horses can rest and achieve certain types of sleep (e.g., slow-wave sleep) while standing; however, the rapid eye movement (REM) phase cannot be entered without recumbency due to loss of muscle tone during this phase; and
• In a 24-hour period, horses require a minimum of 30 minutes for recumbency to fulfill their REM sleep needs.

Unsuitable environmental conditions (e.g., lack of available space, weather), social insecurity (low standing on the pecking order), and physical ailments (painful joints/arthritis) all limit the ability of some horses to lie down. In turn, these horses can suffer REM deficiency and excessive drowsiness. Affected horses may transition into REM sleep while standing and partially collapse before suddenly waking up.

Ensuring horses get the necessary sleep to maintain good health, there needs to be adequate room in his stall, and a suitable environment for a horse to lie comfortably for at least 30 minutes every day. This may require addressing any underlying medical issues that could prohibit him from lying down. Horses that struggle with arthritic joints may not lie down due to pain in their joints when they get up. Supplements that can assist with helping your horse to lie down daily and sleep well would include Prime Hemp Seed Oil.

Prime Hemp Seed Oil represents a single source of all the essential fatty and amino acids that are required for optimal health. Prime Hemp Seed Oil contains 55 percent Linoleic acid (LA), also known as Omega-6 and 18 percent Linolenic acid (LNA), also known as Omega-3, and 10 percent Oleic acid, also known as Omega 9. These fatty acids help to increase energy, promote healing, regulate the immune system and reduce inflammation.

Adding an all natural anti-inflammatory supplement to your horse’s diet may be just what he needs to help him get the proper rest.

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