Horses have a keen sense of smell – far superior to humans.

A horse’s ability to detect scents and aromas contributes to their ability to identify food – specifically plants and herbs that not only taste good – but that are extremely healthy for them.

David Whitaker, PhD of Middle Tennessee State University says, “Horses depend on their sense of smell the way we depend on language.”

At Prime Hemp we have created our equine nutritional products with this amazing natural ability in mind.

Our Prime Hemp Seed Oil is “Clean Filtered” – resulting in a rich aroma and a smooth velvety finish.

Our Prime Foundation Blend is not pellets. Our Blend has an enticing all natural fragrant aroma with an appealing mix of cut and sifted herbs, ground hemp seed protein, ground flax, turmeric and spirulina. Horses go crazy after this blend!

Why not give your equine partner a mealtime experience they can get excited about – that is incredibly healthy for every horse in your herd.

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