Designed for horses needing additional fibre and protein for weight gain and to improve overall body condition. The easily digestible shredded texture of PRIME ADVANCE WITH TURMERIC is ideally suited for horses in need of extra weight. When soaked, the texture is perfect for older horses and horses with dental issues.

PRIME ADVANCE WITH TURMERIC is a great source of fibre for hind gut health and calories for improved body condition or fuel for performance.

TURMERIC (Curcumin) is an anti-oxidant which has anti-inflammatory, anti microbial and hepato-protective effects. It is also believed to increase gastric wall mucous production, suggesting that it may have a protective effect on the stomach wall and could enhance the healing of ulcers. Turmeric is also an age-old anti-inflammatory for horses with joint and/muscle pain.

INGREDIENTS: Shredded beet pulp (NO molasses or added sugar), Ground flax meal, Ground hemp seed meal and Turmeric.

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