It was a chilly April evening when we met Jack in the parking lot. The rescue agency had driven him to this meeting point because of limits brought on by an emerging crisis called ‘Covid’. There we were – in the dark – with just a few minutes to get acquainted with this purebred Black German Shepherd. We had been warned that rescue animals are often neglected but we had already made up our minds so we brought him home even though we could see he was under-nourished and limping.

The next day it was clear that there was something not right about his front leg… there was disfiguration… he was weak… and he was in pain!

After further investigation we discovered that not only had his leg been broken months earlier but the break had not been treated or reset to heal. Even more incredulous – no pain medication had been provided. Jack had suffered through months of pain and was now compensating with the way he walked and rested his paw when standing.

The rescue agency offered to take him back but Jack was part of our family now. The first vet suggested amputation! Another recommended re-breaking the leg and re-setting it with bone grafting. In both cases he would go through painful surgery, a long recovery and a lifetime of high dose medication to manage inflammation and pain.

Pharmaceutical intervention and even surgery are sometimes necessary. However, we are convinced that recovery from many injuries and ailments and the path to a long and healthy life can be achieved – from the inside out – with a holistic, all natural approach.

This is why our company PRIME exists.

PRIME Hemp Seed Oil and PRIME SUPPORT Herbal Pain Reliever have provided Jack’s body with the ability to heal itself – this is the core of our philosophy. The power of the Essential Omega Fatty Acids in PRIME Hemp Seed Oil has assisted with regenerating tissue, improving circulation and joint mobility and almost eliminating the disfiguration.

Now Jack runs like the wind… chases his ball and the ATV… at 40km/hr!

We are proud to feature Jack as the face of all Prime Hemp Canine products.